Mega Shark is the titluar anti-heroine and/or villainess of the Mega Shark series. She first appeared in Mega

Shark vs. Giant Octopus where she fought her rival Ginat Octopus but the reasons she fights him is unknown. She apeared back in Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus, this time facing Crocosaurus who is a female 150 foot crocodile of mosntrous size. The reson she fights this monster is because she gobbled up her eggs that had the babies so maybe in the process of killing the humans she's trying to save her home world from domination of crocs. The Mega Shark that is male fought a robotic dopplganger known as Mecha Shark with both of them dying in the procees when Mecha Shark explodes.

Early HistoryEdit

Not much is known about Mega Shark other than the fact that she is a kaiju sized Shark with a very bad attitude and has fought some pretty nasty monsters during the time she was around. She probably was born in the times that Mega Shark were alive when the Earth was either having a bad day or the planet had some type of super growth salt in the water, no one knows and they just call her a Megalodon even though that is most definitely not what she is.

Female Mega SharkEdit

When Mega Shark is a female she is very aggressive to other giant monsters and humans alike.

In Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus, Mega Shark was found frozen in ice when Humpback were out of control by an electric pulse from a sonar transmitter. When she is freed from her icy prison, she goes to the Atlantic Ocean. There she eats a commercial aircraft and destroys the U.S. Naval Destroyer, then goes to San Francisco killing people but not before destroying a submarine where she was smart enough to know that there was a trap set up for her and Giant Octopus.

When Giant Octopus is about to kill the main heroes, Mega Shark unintentionally saves them from doom and fights Giant Octopus by ramming into him and biting his tentacles while he suffocates her. The two sink to the bottom of the ocean seemingly dead, but the survivors were wrong.

One year later it is revealed that Mega Shark had lived and she sinks the USS Gibson for some reason, i'm not sure it's never explained. 

Anyways, after that deed is done Mega Shark bumps into a ship that is carrying her new opponent called Crocosaurus but the two never fight. Crocosaurus's reason is to find someplace to lay her eggs, why Mega Shark never used that as an opportunity to fight her i have no idea. Mega Shark than comes to where the shoreline and eats Crocosaurus's eggs angering the very protective mother reptile. But again the two don't fight just go separate ways. Mega Shark takes down a submarine that was carrying a Crocosaurus egg meaning that she has senses that help her find eggs. She goes around the world finding others and eating them up somehow knowing that if left alone Crocosaurus babies would send humanity back to the age of cavemen and reducing the human population.

While Mega Shark fights the Navy but never destroys any Battleship whatsoever, even though she can take their weapons but doesn't seem to want to kill anyone despite her being a very aggressive predator. She and Crocosaurus fight resulting in the destruction of Panama Canal and then finally have a showdown.

Mega Shark does bite on Crocosaurus's tail and one of her legs but the armor of the crocodile makes her withstand Mega Sharks bites, the same thing being said for Mega Sharks very tough skin and indestructible cartilage and muscle. When she stuns Crocosaurus with her tail and escapes, she swims over to Hawaii where there is an active volcano. Crocosaurs's hatchling come to her aid but Mega Shark eats some, after she swallows a nuclear submarine making her nuclear that is.

Mega Shark and Crocosaurus fight once again not even once knowing that they would both die before the volcano blows up engulfing her, Crocosaurus and the hatchlings in molten lava with both feminine monsters sinking to the bottom of the sea. Everyone believed the threat to be dead, but once again they were wrong.

Male Mega SharkEdit

Four years after the events of Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus, a male Mega Shark is released from it's ice hibernation to wreak havoc due to global warming. It causes even more destruction than the previous one by tail whipping the boat into a sphinx that is in Egypt before causing unrest and havoc.

Male Mega Shark is still roaming the waters where Mecha Shark is deployed and the robot shark fires a tracking device into male mega sharks hide. Mecha shark fires a torpedo that his male mega shark that staggers him but does not kill him. The Submarine with Mecha Shark fires one as well but male Mega Shark tail whips it hitting the submarine.

Male Mega Shark swims away from the humans giving Jack time to install Nero who tracks down male Mega Shark not knowing that the male giant shark is on the side where he rams the robot and bites down on its tail while not falling for the chum trail trick.

Before that though, male Mega Shark ate a cap sized boat and destroyed an oil rig intoxicating the seven seas. Male Mega Shark tail whips the pipe of another oil rig which Mecha Shark stops up before going after male Mega Shark. Male Mega Shark manages to get Mecha Shark shut off in an avalanche by dodging a torpedo that Mecha Shark fired that also knocks out Rosie.

Male Mega Shark is revealed to be looking for a female Mega Shark to mate with and with no  female to mate with he will kill everyone and destroy everything on the planet. Male Mega Shark ruptures a tunnel of Sydney and hurls Mecha Shark into the city of Sydney where it is attacked by jets and put back in the water. Crippled Mecha Shark releases chum and this time Male Mega Shark falls for it. Not knowing that there is a bomb on the mechanical shark, male Mega Shark bites it killing them both in an explosion.

juvinal mega shark Edit

Now the juvinial Mega Shark was born from an egg sack left behind by the previous one (seriously they're just copying Zilla 1998). After it kills team unicorn and survives the explosion it suddenly vanishes. When it gets the scent of a dead whale the Navy blows up the ship but the 30 foot baby survives and attacks the them for trying to hurt it. Once it does that it encounters Kolossus but has a mind control chip attached to it. The cyborg throws the shark into the laser satellite curving it before slamming back into the water getting stunned. The device falls off and now being to think clearly it attacks Kolossus freeing it from the mind control and the two don't really fight much just blow up together when Kolossus explodes. But there was another egg sack and a new Mega Shark was born.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Despite being a kaiju sized shark, Mega Shark does have some amazing powers.

Super animal strength- Mega Shark is able to leap very high distances to snatch commercial aircraft carriers out of the air as well as bite battleships, whack away torpedoes, and destroy battleships and oil rigs by body slamming into them.

Super animal durability- Mega Shark is able to withstand missiles and torpedoes as well as take some nasty hits from enemies and still keep on coming along with slamming back into water unscathed.

Super animal senses- Mega Shark is able to sense enemies either right next to her or very far away.

Super animal speed- Mega Shark is able to go to speeds to snap a jet and dodge a torpedo that comes right her along with swimming as fast pace in the sea.

Super animal intelligence- Mega Shark is smart enough to figure out if she is being lured into a trap and figure out a strategy to defeat her opponents. Male Mega Shark was smart enough to not fall for the chum trick and trap Mecha Shark into an avalanche.


Aggression- Despite being an intelligent massive shark, Mega Sharks aggression can get in the way of planning out a strategy whenever she is in a fight.

Electrical areas- Mega Shark can have a really tough time using her senses in areas that give off electric sonar frequencies.


Nobody knows if Mega Shark will appear again, nevertheless, if that does happen then humanity will be ready to engage it in combat. And maybe one day when there is a threat bigger than Mega Shark humanity will count her as their greatest ally.

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